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Our Founding Mission: Better Food For Our Kids.

Today this founding mission lives on through our round-up partnership with Whole Kids Foundation and the fresh, real and 100% all-natural ingredients you'll find at The Melt.

As luck would have it, Whole Kids Foundation is on a similar mission: to improve children's nutrition by supporting schools and inspiring families through knowledge, understanding and consumption.

When you round-up your order to the nearest dollar at The Melt, 100% of your round-up donation goes toward funding edible school garden grants at local area schools through Whole Kids Foundation. Together we're growing nutrient rich happiness.

“When kids get their hands dirty to grow fruits and vegetables, they're exponentially more likely to enjoy those foods later in life. We want kids to eat the rainbow and get as close to nature as possible.”

― Nona Evans, Executive Director
of Whole Kids Foundation