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The Melt Card

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You already have a digital Melt Card! Download our App on iTunes or sign in to our website on your phone to scan the QR code when ordering in-store.

Get a Melt Card.

Sign up for a Melt Account to get a digital Melt Card or pick up a card at any Melt location.

Add a Melt Card.

Lucky enough to have received a Melt Card in-store or as a gift? Add it to your online account and you won't need to carry the physical card when ordering in-store.
Check Balance on a Melt Card

Enter Receipt Perks Code.

Enter the code printed at the bottom of your receipt to get Melt Perks rewards credit for the order.


How to use your Melt Card

When ordering online we already have your Melt Card memorized. When ordering in-store, find the QR Code on the back of your physical Melt Card or on your phone in your online account.
Scan the QR code in-store and enjoy the perks. You can
add value to your Melt Card to use it again and again. Learn more in our FAQ