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About The Melt

Hello. Welcome to THE MELT.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, our founding mission was rooted in two key principles; 1.) better food for our kids and 2.) jobs creation. Today this founding mission lives on through the hundreds of crew members at our stores and headquarters, and the real happy foods made from real, wholesome, 100% natural ingredients with names you can pronounce before you eat them.

Like the 100% real, all-natural beef we use in our deliciously juicy burgers. Or the real aged cheeses that are melted to perfection on BOTH sides of our fresh baked artisan buns. Or the hand crafted fountain sodas sweetened with real cane sugar that harkens back to a time when sodas were all about incredible flavors, instead of artificial syrupy sweetness. And our homemade soups & salads are always crafted from the freshest peak season produce available.
Our real happy food happens to also supply some real happy moments. Like smiling til’ your face hurts when you remember that very first ooey gooey grilled cheese that Mom made you. (Thanks Mom!). Or making vampire fangs out of french fries and then devouring your ice cream cone that’s made with just five simple, natural ingredients. Because why would ice cream ever need more ingredients than that? It really doesn’t.

“Happy” isn’t enough for us, to be honest. We prefer real happy. And you? You look like someone who couldn’t agree more.